I Love Linda La Hughes

I love Gimme Gimme Gimme. Linda La Hughes is a rampant, gobby slag; loutish and completely convinced of her own beauty. In other words, she’s a girl after my own heart. Here’s ten of my favourite Lindy bits.

1. Linda on pets: 

“Tom, I ain’t a pussy person. When people look at me, they don’t think ‘cat’, they think ‘dog’.”


2. This lime green PVC catsuit is to die for:


3. She’s very honest:

“Oh my God, who’s that gorgeous creature? Oh my God it’s me!”


4. Her flirting technique is masterful:

“I’ll just straighten this rug out. I’m quite anal like that.”


5. This exchange.

Tom: “I’m in distress.”
Linda: “I’m in THIS dress.”


6. When asked what she does:

“I chew corn for gummy parrots.”


7. She knew:

“I haven’t been this excited since Jimmy Savile came to our opening day at school and sat on my face.”  


8. Her honesty about her sex life:

“I’ve had more pricks than Kerplunk.”

9. Her love of theatre:

Linda: “Should have taken in a show. I love a good play.”
Tom: “You? The last play you went to see was The Chippendales; which, incidentally, is not a play.”
Linda: “It was in a theatre. It had an interval. I had ice cream.”
Tom: “The theatre should be exciting!”
Linda: “I was stuck to my seat.”


10. She’s a responsible, caring adult.


In summary: Linda is my Queen. Filthy bitch.

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