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Adrift with Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port

This week, I had a phone call from my pal Geoff Lloyd, he wanted to speak to me about when my husband and I went viral. I had inhaled a grain of rice at some point prior to the interview, which is my excuse for sounding like a speedy chipmunk and I’m sticking to it.

Aside from my horrible voice, the podcast is actually very good and has been praised by the likes of The Guardian and the Financial Times, which is SURELY the first place you look for podcast reviews. The tagline is “a podcast for the socially inept, by the socially inept,” so I was very pleased to be amongst friends. I was also secretly very relieved when I realised Geoff wasn’t speaking to me for his other podcast which features Ed Miliband, because I’m not sure what Ed would make of me.

Aside from the wonderful and inimitable Geoff Lloyd, this episode also features Nerina Pallot, Dave Gorman and Tim Turner who all seem like very nice and interesting people, I am extremely intimidated to be in their podcastular company.

You can listen on Acast , or on iTunes (episode 11), or on “most podcast apps”.
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