Make-up Tutorial: Covering Blemishes

Sometimes, even the most perfect of us can discover that suddenly there’s a particularly prevalent pus-fest on one’s face. A diabolical display of discharge. A suppurating spectacular of sebum. A vomiting volcano of vile. You get my point, right? I’m talking about a bloody great big mess on your face.

What can you do in such a situation? You could cover it with concealer, foundation, powder and whatever’s the face paint product du jour (BB cream? BBW cream? BMW cream? I don’t fucking know).

But let’s be honest, there’s no quick way to disguise that the topography of your face is screwed. Plus, you know that smearing Dulux strength make-up atop of the swollen, weeping mess will probably just aggravate the shit out of your skin, leaving you with a facial Everest to deal with tomorrow.

I’m here to help. You need a small number of craft supplies and some superglue. 

Be confident. Live it up. You got this. 


You’re fucking welcome. xx

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